Please enjoy samples of my creations below. Contact me with any requests.

Abstract Art


Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50cm

How beautiful would it be to see a dragon? To marvel at the wonders of ancient creation. Imagine the colors, the texture. What does it feel like to touch? What does it smell like? What noise does it make? Imagine.

Landscape Art

Skylar Svampen

Acrylic on Canvas, 40x50cm

On a mushroom in the clouds. High above the treetops. Do you see me? I'm wearing red.

Portait Art

Klimt Elegance

Glass Infused on Glass, 40x50cm

Gustav Klimt famously showcased elegance and grace in some of the world's most powerful and influential women. His appreciation for the female graceful presence and forward fashion was the ultimate chef's kiss. Like an influencer platform, he was able to showcase what others now call "#goals".

Standing Out

Acrylic on Canvas, 60x80cm

What is it like to be different from the rest? What makes you fit in just enough to be accepted, but stand out enough to be noticed? How are you like the rest? How are you not? We may be shaped the same, but look different. We may look the same but be shaped differently. Do we compare, or accept?

Mountainous Escape

Acrylic on Canvas, 60x60cm

How do you like your mountains? Do you like them for scale, to make you feel small? Do you like them for beauty, their majestic presence?Do you feel their energy? Do you feel their power? In wars, the highest point of the mountain gives advantage and safety. In religion, it bring you closer to God. In spirituality, it levels your natural electricity. In sports, it's the ultimate adrenaline rush. From a distance, it's relaxing and refreshing. How do you like your mountains?


Oil on Canvas, 50x70cm

When attending Redhead Days Festival in the Netherlands led to a photoshoot, this photo became one of my favorite memories. After learning to paint portraits with oil,  I decided this would be my first full face. Myself as my true self: A tall, unique, redhead, proud of her roots and working to give honor to her ancestors, all while searching to understand her past by following the footsteps of those who came before her and paved the way for her existence.