From being born in a big city in America to being raised on a beachfront farm in Sweden, I have experienced the best of both worlds. I had a loving mother who raised me to love myself and everything the world has to offer. We traveled and moved often, and this basis was the structure that would define my existence. I was blessed to know my entire family and was close with 3 cousins who are essentially my big brothers. Even though my mom & I were constantly traveling, we stayed close with the rest of the family. As an adult, I try to maintain this bond as my family is very important to me.

During my travels, I encountered many types of cultures and histories.  These cultures value different subjects in their art forms. My subjective interpretation of what I saw is as follows: Some cultures value community, so their art is based on teamwork and honor, for example, the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Vikings. Some cultures also value knowledge, so their art is shaped by the presence of a higher power, for example, Buddhist or Christian colonies. Some cultures value women, so their art is expressed in the shape of women in all sizes and forms. These, of course, are only generalities and only a small part of the cultural art world. Many cultures are multi-faceted and value many different subjects. I haven't even touched upon architecture and fashion. But this site is mainly dedicated to my artistic experience in the world.

I've always appreciated art in all forms, classical, contemporary, experimental, performance, etc. but I had always only ever done small wood carvings or performance art in the form of modeling, music, theater, and dance. It wasn't until I moved back to Sweden, after attending the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, for my first pro volleyball season that I tried painting. I enjoyed it and so did everyone around me. I got my first gallery and commissioned paintings and started a side business that fueled my creative side off the court, more than just fashion, song, theater, and dance. I began to have bigger dreams for my art and began to learn different mediums to expand and grow my craft. During the process of finding my style and voice through my art, more ideas flowed and they continue to do so! I am currently pursuing metal sculpting as my next venture into the art world! My big dream is to make unique garden sculptures and statement pieces for cities and elegant homes or destination hotels. Follow my journey, as I continue my path of self-discovery in the form of art!

"To be an artist is to believe in life." - Henry Moore

Albert Einstein once said that our connection with art symbolizes humans as a conduit between the universe and the earth, having one hand in each realm. There is an aspect of reality and an aspect of imagination. Reality is, of course, subjective, and therefore each art piece speaks to an individual differently. This is a beautiful thing because it forces us to communicate our differences and understand that everyone experiences life differently. Art is certainly a reflection of life and acts as a marker in history.


Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions you may have.